If you don’t have an iPhone…

The Iphone revolutionised the mobile phone industry when it was first launched in january 2007. The reason it had such succes is because it is one of the first real smart phones, where you can download multiple applications at your liking. There are some for nearly everything, from flight aides for amateur pilotes to music tools, the choise and offers is very vaste. The design of the phone was a key element to it’s succes, it is light there is only one button, nothing to phancy and very simple to use. The interface is completly different to what we where used to on normal phones, it’s got the mac design and is basically a simpler version of a Mac computer.

Smart that Phone

It has become a gadget that all mac fans must have and many others. An other key element to it’s succes is the vertial keyboard, and it’s quick and very good reactivity. It is sensible and reacts straight away, and you do not have to press hard at all for the phone to acknowledge your touch.

Since 2007 several new version have come out. The latest is the iphone 4 which has more storage capacity, a better system and faster internet. The shell has also changed, and is less rounded and looks slightly more a phone.


itouch ipod

Apple also launched at the same time as the iphone it’s itouch ipod, which basically the same device except you cannot phone and it is thiner. One of the default of the iphone is that if used all day long the battery will run out at the end of the day. If you are a moderate user you will still have to charge it up every 2-3 days as it still consumes a lot of electricity. Which can be a problement if you go on holiday and cannot recharge your phone.